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HealthPath™ - Revolutionizing Global Healthcare

HealthPath is a ground-breaking, fully integrated SaaS solution comprising 4 discrete, but fully integrated, modules

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PhoneLab AI™

Phone with PhoneLab
  • PhoneLab AI converts any
    smartphone into a mobile lab


  • AI-guided results in 5 – 15 minutes

  • Off-line mode with auto-data transfer as soon as the smartphone is in range of a cell tower or WiFi

  • Data seamlessly flows to the cloud without any user intervention or effort

  • Data can be seamlessly integrated into the other three modules

  • Personally identified data is available in real-time to the patient and his or her healthcare provider

  • Anonymized, aggregate data is available in real-time via REST APIs or sFTP to any member of an authorized ecosystem including state and local government agencies, funding organizations, and third-party analytics organizations

  • Consult RT provides a consultation service between a local practitioner and a remote specialist

  • It manages

- Scheduling

- Finding the ideal specialist

- Transfer of health data, images,
   scans, etc.

- Payment of the specialists’ fees

ConsultLink RT™

Phone with ConsultLink

TeleHealth OD™

  • TeleHealth OD provides quality healthcare to all regardless of socioeconomic status of location.

  • It manages:
    - “Find the ideal healthcare practitioner”
    - Appointment scheduling
    - Payment processing
    - Data and test results transfer from the patient to the healthcare professional and from the healthcare professional to the patient
    - Notifications and alerts
    - Prescriptions
    - Much more…

  • EHR Flex provides scalable electronic health records

  • EHR Flex can be implemented at any level in the continuum of scale and features

  • It manages all aspects of electronic health records

  • Data is highly secure and available to only those with the appropriate credentials

  • Aggregate, anonymized data is available for analytics and trend analysis

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EHR Flex™

Phone with EHR
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