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Best Affordable Global Solutions

Best-in-class, highly affordable healthcare is a result of the explosive development in these five core technologies

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Smartphone technology

  • Ultra-fast processors to run artificial intelligence right on the smartphone

  • Superior cameras to read rapid diagnostics

  • Extended battery life

  • High-quality displays provide an excellent user experience (UX) 

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) – the #1 cloud technology – has experienced explosive growth since 2014.

  • This explosive growth has been fueled by the addition of over 200 AWS services, many of which are incorporated into our HealthPath Suite, allowing us to offer quality healthcare in the most technology-challenged parts of the world

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  • Cloud technology has allowed us to eliminate physical data centers and the significant associated costs

  • Cloud technology has also allowed us to only pay for what we use.  This allows us to scale up for large programs and scale down for smaller programs with cost and resource impunity. 


Cloud Technology


Artificial Intellegence Technology

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the true democratizer.  Train once and use an infinite number of times at very low cost.

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  • Artificial intelligence helps guide the interpretation of test results by an untrained or undertrained healthcare worker.

  • COVID-19 was the catalyst for exponential growth in rapid diagnostics.  Billions of dollars were invested world-wide to develop accurate, low-cost diagnostics and vaccines.

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  • The result of this substantial investment is the proliferation of new, more accurate, and faster rapid diagnostics spanning the entire healthcare spectrum.


Rapid Diagnostic Technology


Satellite-delivered Internet Technology

  • Until SpaceX came along, Internet mobile data was restricted to areas of significant population – making it economic to invest in infrastructure including as cell towers.

  • SpaceX’s Starlink Internet service offers high-speed quality internet from space – no additional infrastructure required

  • We are collaborating closely with SpaceX’s Starlink to facilitate the adoption of space-delivered mobile data. This is the key to healthcare success in many regions of the world.

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