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About Sivad

SIVAD Global Health LLC is a minority-owned company with headquarters in Delaware.


Our senior management is a unique combination of seasoned businessmen, global logistics experts, high-tech specialists, clinicians, and researchers.

Lenzie Davis, Sr: President and CEO Entrepreneur and international business manager: 45+ years of experience including: Large-scale office automation; capital infrastructure (roads, sewage, etc.) in West Africa; large-scale VOIP-based communications internationally; large-scale cellular communications in Africa and Caribbean; manufacturing, and global distribution

Kevin Weller: VP Global Strategy 20+ years in solution development in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic sectors; big data analyst for structured data and unstructured data; extensive experience in AI-augmented medical information systems; extensive experience in datamining; extensive experiences in leveraging cutting-edge technologies to solve complex healthcare problems; extensive experience with synchronous and asynchronous training programs globally; certifications include Microsoft, Veeva, AWS, IQVIA/IMS, Adobe, IBM, AWS, FDA/DIA, AI, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA.

Joseph Scrocco, MS, MA, MBA: VP Clinical Product Development MS neurophysiology, MA Distributed Information Systems, MBA; 25 years in pharmaceutical and diagnostics; Lead solutions architect for over 20 global enterprise solutions; certifications include Microsoft, Siebel, Salesforce, Veeva, AWS, IQVIA/IMS, Adobe, IBM, AWS, FDA/DIA, AI, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, Six Sigma and Lean, PMBOK; extensive experience in multiple therapy areas including: Diabetes (type 1 and type 2), infections disease – diagnostics and therapeutics, rare diseases, growth disorders, women's health, oncology, erectile dysfunction, hematology; significant technology experience in business analysis, systems architecture, project management, programmer/developer, DBA, UI/UX specialist.

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