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What Are We Working on Right Now

Best-in-class technology and science

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Our major focus today is on

  • Inherited disease including sickle cell disease (SCD)

  • Detection at birth saves lives

  • 85% of babies born with SCD in certain parts of the world die before the age of 5 years!-

  • We are working hard toprevent this

  • Genetic counseling is also an important component of the management of SCD

  • Infections disease including:

  • Malaria

  • Zika

  • Dengue

  • Chikungunya

  • Hepatitis (B and C)

  • Leishmania

  • HIV

  • COVID-19

  • Influenza (A and B)

  • Metabolic conditions including:

  • Type 1 diabetes

  • Type 2 diabete (adult onset)

  • Dyslipidemia

  • Pregnancy

We also have a full program for harm reduction – the detection and reporting of fentanyl and Xylazine:

  • Fentanyl is 50 – 100 times more powerful than heroin and can kill within seconds. It is used as a cheap cutting agent in many abused drugs.

  • Xylazine is a drug of abuse. It is diverted from stocks used by equine veterinarians and used as a cutting agent for heroin and other drugs. It was listed as a cause of death in 64.3% of deaths in which it was detected.

  • Detects any level of fentanyl or xylazine in any form of drug (injectable, nasal, or oral) 

  • Notifies the drug user immediately of the danger of using the drug

  • Sends anonymous notifications of hot spots to local healthcare facilities

  • Provides warnings to drug users located in the same area

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